Prices are for shipping within NZ only. Orders are posted as soon as possible. You will receive a notification email when your item has been dispatched. Parcels will take up to three working days to arrive, allow longer for rural delivery. Tracking is included on all items.

Please contact us if you are overseas customer.

How shipping cost within New Zealand is calculated:

Your purchase will be sent in NZ Post Bags ranging in price from from $3.50 to $9.50 depending of the size of your order. Tracking is included on all items. If you are a rural customer you will be asked to pay the extra $3 for rural delivery.

We do our best to calculate what size of bag you will need for your order, but because our products vary in size, there is a chance the calculated bag size may be incorrect. If you think this has happened with your order, please contact us to discuss.

Price                                           Dimensions

$3.50 + $1 tracking                135mm x 240mm

$4.50 + $1 tracking                190mm x  280mm

$5.50 + $1 tracking                210mm x 280mm

$6.00 + $1 tracking                255mm x 325mm

$9.50 + $1 tracking                400mm x 460mm

Returns policy

If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us to arrange a return or an exchange. The product must be in original condition and the return cost will be at your expense.

Each handmade product is unique and so there will be variations from one product to the next. The variability of colour is a feature of hand dyed and handspun yarns, not a fault.